Help and hope for families affected by Alzheimer's and related dementias

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Gathering Place Leadership 2007-2017

Standing from left: Mary Nell Boyd, 9-year volunteer with 2,000+ hours; Peggy Krampota, Team Leader and Advisory Council Chair; Lorenda Baldwin, CDBG Liaison; Rev. Craig King, Alvin Gatherings’ organizer, Team Leader, North County Brain Fair Fundraising Chair; Hattie Belt, 10-year volunteer with 2,000+ hours; Marge Berry, 10-year volunteer, Advisory Council Chair; and Norma Taylor, Stylist. 

Sitting from left: Erika Longoria, Educational Outreach Coordinator, Board member; Dale Libby, Chairman/CEO 2017-, Coordinator Brazoria County Alzheimer’s Awareness Project, Support Groups facilitator, Brain Fair Chair, Advisory Council Chair; Brenda Maust, founder, CEO 2007-2017, Gathering Places, Brain Camp, BCAAP, Early Stage Coaches; Eva King, Coordinator Gathering Places, Board member, Advisory Council Chair; and Pat Williams, Team Leader, Christmas Party Chair, volunteer with 2000+ hours. 

Over the past 12 years, a hard-working, determined group of retired business executives, engineers, educators, social workers, nurses, therapists, ministers, marketers, and home makers have created a comprehensive program of caregiver resources and education for Brazoria County individuals and families affected by dementia.

“The array and quality of our Alzheimer’s services rival many multi-million dollar agencies sponsored by geopolitical units across the US,” CEO Dale Libby said. “The only major difference in what is offered by city, county, state, and university-sponsored Alzheimer’s programs offered across the United States and us is that our professional staff and leadership are all volunteers.”

The original Brazoria County Gathering Place social for Alzheimer’s patients started at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dec. 2007. Founder Brenda Maust and 8 other volunteers entertained 9 Alzheimer’s patients for four hours while their caregivers took that time off.


“We knew immediately that caregivers needed more than four hours each month, so when County Judge Joe King gave us a Community Development Block Grant for food and activity materials, we expanded within our first year.” 

Brain Camp was started in 2011,  the Brazoria County Alzheimer’s Awareness Project began in 2012, and Meta Camp was started in 2019. The organization became a United Way Community Partner in 2017 and now has 4 part-time employees. 

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